Help is on the way. SENIORx Patient Advocates helps patients and families answer questions, coordinate care and make sense of their healthcare options through:

Coordination and communication:

Coordination and communication:

  • Identifying key concerns, issues or questions that families have with providers, insurance and care options
  • Accompanying patients to doctor appointments, and debriefing after appointments
  • Identifying resources and serving as a liaison to establish services and hold providers accountable
  • Helping during a healthcare crisis, major change in health or lifestyle due to surgery, illness or a move
  • Filing or fighting insurance claims, understanding coverage and explanation of benefits, reviewing annual changes to coverage

Insurance claims and coverage:

  • Filing or fighting insurance claims, understanding coverage and explanation of benefits, reviewing annual changes to coverage-Medicare, Medicaid, prescription, employer group or retiree, VA, long-term care policies.
  • Understanding complex coordination of benefits, situations with multiple insurance coverage insurers-Medicare, Medicaid, VA, supplements, employer, retiree, prescriptions, car/home insurance where an accident may have occurred and other payers are involved
  • Licensed insurance consultant expertise to guide through insurance process for patients and employers
  • Establishing or updating critical documents including durable power of attorney, advance directives, healthcare power of attorney or trusts
  • Annual health policy reviews for all health related policies-Medicare, Part D Prescription Drug, employer, retiree, long-term care, etc.


  • Understanding coverage benefits, and costs-New to Medicare, retirees, employed group policies, loss of coverage, changes in coverage, prescription and long-term care
  • Offering annual Medicare benefit reviews-Medicare Part D, prescription coverage, supplements, employer, retiree
  • Providing cost/benefit analysis to quantify options for coverage decisions
  • Investigating options for disability benefits-Social Security, short/long-term group or individual disability, Medicare or non-Medicare.
  • Appealing denied claims, out-of-network coverage issues, out of state coverage due to a move or relocation, COBRA


  • Helping you move in or out of state to be closer to family or better care while coordinating insurance coverage, benefits and provider options
  • Offering assistance during a healthcare crisis or difficult transitions following an illness, surgery or change of health or lifestyle

Health crisis management:

  • Successful transitioning from hospital to home, facilities, levels of care or hospice
  • Access to extensive resources to help you manage a crisis
  • Identifying options including respite for a caregiver, or transitioning to higher levels of care, changes in insurance
  • Helping employers who have employees caring for a sick parent

Senior care management:

  • Attending care planning and transition meetings to ensure continuity of care. We stay with the patient through all transitions.
  • Non-clinical/non-medical "common sense" approach to understand the senior's perspective
  • Ensuring patients have input and that their understanding of the situation is communicated with the caregiver
  • Making sure the patient's voice, goals and wishes are recognized and appreciated
  • Serving as a liaison to streamline communications among all caregivers
  • Developing geriatric care plans with individuals, families and providers
  • Helping you use health insurance and long-term care policies effectively to ensure coverage benefits are maximized and claims are paid

Prescription financial assistance programs:

  • Identifying resources that help reduce or eliminate the cost of expensive medications and/or insurance
  • Assistance with submitting applications for resources
  • Helping you gather and submit financial information required to support your need and get lower cost medication