Find a Medicare Patient Advocate in Casper, WY

Turn to the dedicated team at SENIORx Patient Advocates

When should you enroll in Medicare? What's the difference between parts A, B, C and D? Where can you get additional assistance to cover prescription drug costs? The helpful Medicare enrollment consultants at SENIORx Patient Advocates are here to answer your questions.

Our goal is to help seniors and disabled persons in the Casper, WY area understand their medical insurance options and get the coverage they need. If you're planning to enroll in Medicare, call 307-472-1770 today to speak with a Medicare patient advocate.

How can we help with your Medicare-related needs?

How can we help with your Medicare-related needs?

When you meet with our Medicare enrollment consultants, we will:

  • Listen to your concerns and answer your questions
  • Communicate directly with your insurance company
  • Make the transition to Medicare as smooth as possible
Whether you need help enrolling for Medicare for the first time or changing your plan during open enrollment, you can rely on our Medicare patient advocates for help.

Our Licensed Insurance Consultants take the confusion out of the Medicare "maze" by educating you about benefits, helping you understand claims and coverage, making appeals, working with healthcare providers, and electing coverage especially if you're new to Medicare, still working, or retired with employer insurance.

Our Medicare services include:

  • Understanding coverage benefits, and costs: New to Medicare, retirees, employed group policies, loss of coverage, changes in coverage, prescription and long-term care
  • Offering annual Medicare benefit reviews: Medicare Part D, prescription coverage, supplements, employer, retiree
  • Helping you understand complex coordination of benefits, situations with multiple insurance coverage insurers: Medicare, Medicaid, VA, supplements, employer, retiree, prescriptions, car/home insurance where an accident may have occurred and other payers are involved