Medicare Minute: When is the Medicare “open enrollment” and am I affected by this?

Medicare “Open Enrollment” occurs annually every year from Oct 15 – Dec 7th.  During this period, anyone who wants to elect or change their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan may do so.  Coverage will start on Jan 1 of the new year.  One may also join, switch, or drop a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan during this time.  As long as these changes are made before Dec 7th, coverage will begin or end on Jan 1. 

There is also a Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period which runs from Jan 1 – Mar 31 each year.  During this time you may change to a different Medicare Advantage Plan or drop the Advantage Plan returning to Original Medicare. During this period, you cannot:  switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, join a Medicare Part D prescription plan if you’re on Original Medicare, or switch from one Medicare Part D plan to another plan if you are on Original Medicare. Call one of our licensed insurance consultants who specialize in Medicare to discuss your individual situation specifically.  307-472-1770