Using a patient advocate, healthcare adviser, or insurance consultant with expertise in these areas saves clients time, money and offers peace of mind.

As Patient Advocates we:

  • Speak up for and represent the patient and their medical needs, especially when they are ill, frightened or vulnerable
  • Serve as a patient liaison to help patients access, understand and navigate complex healthcare systems, bridge communication gaps, and help with insurance matters.
  • Help a patient ask questions and get answers to make important medical decisions
  • Facilitate access to healthcare when looking for a specialist or to get a second opinion
  • Help patients identify options for healthcare access and/or treatment
  • Help patients transition to other levels of care, especially following an illness or medical event.
  • Assist families care for loved ones locally or long-distance

What is Health Care Advocacy?

What is Health Care Advocacy?

  • Simplifies and improves communication for the patient with family, healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and others involved in the patient's care
  • Ensures care is truly "patient centered"
  • Identifies healthcare options with the patient and their healthcare team
  • Develops patient-centered plan of action and ensures resources are allocated to work the plan
  • Assists patients to make knowledgeable, informed medical decisions

How do we save clients money?

  • We uncover resources clients may not have been aware of previously (i.e. financial assistance, long-term care planning, coverage options).
  • We suggest a review of all benefits at least annually to ensure maximum benefits at minimum cost and that coverage is understood.
  • Cost/benefit analysis-New to Medicare, Medicare Part D prescription, employer group or retiree coverage, long-term care policies, dental, vision, Medicaid planning