We help a variety of businesses and businesses who provide services to seniors including: Cities and Municipalities, CPAs, Attorneys, Bank Trust Departments, Employers, Universities/Colleges, State Employers

How We Help Businesses

We provide insurance consulting for Medicare eligible retirees and/or prospective retirees.

We offer strategic planning for businesses regarding rising retiree health insurance benefit costs.

We give your business the ability to offer healthcare advisor/patient advocacy services to your employees to help with aging or sick family members while keeping employees available for work.

Insurance consulting for Medicare eligible retirees and/or prospective retirees.

We help businesses assist pre/post retirees, particularly when they are receiving employer health insurance benefits. Our services often result in cost savings to both the employer and employee, especially if the pre/post retirement employee is able to successfully transition off of the employer's coverage. Employees have a better understanding of their options, costs and benefits so they can make knowledgeable, informed decisions at critical times.

Employers avoid the time and frustration of trying to advise employees about Medicaid options, and avoid the risk of giving inaccurate information to pre/post retirees.

Strategic planning for businesses regarding rising retiree health insurance benefit costs.

With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, retiree health insurance benefit costs are rising fast. It is challenging for businesses and municipalities to sustain unfunded retiree programs.

We help you identify cost drivers, cost savings and options to help pre/post retirees transition to Medicare.

Healthcare advisor/patient advocacy services can be an employee benefit to help with aging parents while keeping the employee productive.

Often a sick or aging parent or family member can take an employee out of work. This often results in lost productivity and workdays as well as mental strain and stress on the employee and employer. SENIORx Patient Advocates can help your employees navigate a healthcare crisis by helping to identify the information, knowledge and resources needed to address the situation.

This reduces the time an employee may be absent from the workplace, or present but not productive due to the stresses and logistics of caring for a loved one while trying to work. Employees are more productive and maintain a positive attitude at work

How We Help Senior Service Professionals-CPAs, Attorneys, Bank Trust Departments, etc.

We understand how to navigate complex senior healthcare systems.

We streamline the process, ensure benefit accuracy, and protect the ward for conservators, guardians, power of attorneys, health care providers and family.

We are your eyes and ears to ensure proper patient-centered care.

We are trained Healthcare Advisors, Licensed Insurance Consultants and Patient Centered Advocates specializing in areas outside of your usual scope of service.

How we help your clients:

  • Checking in on your clients in their homes to advise and identify unmet needs
  • Identifying, monitoring and auditing health care costs and insurance coverage, appealing denied claims, and identifying other coverage benefits, such as long-term care insurance
  • Providing help for "New to Medicare" beneficiaries to identify health insurance options, benefits and costs to transition to Medicare and plan for financial retirement planning
  • Prescription Assistance to annually review Medicare Part D and other prescription drug plans to determine the best coverage at the lowest cost, overcome prescription restrictions, and helping patients access necessary medications
  • Insurance and medical bill audits before you pay them which protects assets and resources
  • Preparing and applying for Medicaid to preserve assets

Working With Us:

  • We work on a monthly retainer basis to provide services for your senior or disabled client regardless of where they live.
  • Our initial intake meeting will help determine the need for our services. From there we develop a care plan of action.
  • We achieve a customized, effective healthcare plan in a complex marketplace.
  • We establish a long-term relationship with you and your client built on trust and competence.