Can you help me lower my business health insurance costs? Healthcare and prescription costs?

We identify ways to reduce health insurance costs, especially for current or prospective retirees. We are Licensed Insurance Consultants and DO NOT sell insurance or financial products or receive any commission payments. Instead, we help your employees use existing benefits including wellness, accessing prescription medications that insurance may restrict or deny, or appeal other denied claims that may prevent them from accessing benefits.

We also help employees obtain insurance coverage for prescription medications, or find other resources to help lower costs.

How can you help me understand the high cost of retiree health insurance and how to address it?

Retiree health insurance costs are becoming unsustainable. We investigate options to help current and prospective retirees evaluate how to reduce costs and increase benefits.

Navigating and understanding healthcare insurance takes time and expertise to identify options, costs and benefits for consideration. We understand Medicare, employer health insurance, long-term care and prescription drug coverage. We also have a pharmacist on staff to help with prescription drug coverage issues.

When does an active employee have to take Medicare?

This depends on several factors. Are you a large employer? Small employer? Federal rules vary depending on the size of your business. Most employees should take Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) when they are eligible, or face late enrollment penalties. Many delay taking Part B and D. Some employees may be married to a younger (or older) spouse where considerations for coverage must also be considered.

Most employee benefits representatives don't have a good resource to consult in order to help employees address Medicare questions. SENIORx Patient Advocates can be a consultant to your business to help correctly answer these questions and others related to Medicare and group health insurance for current employees, retirees, and prospective retirees.

Do you charge a fee? Who pays?

We charge an hourly fee for our services. Many employers contract us to provide services for their employees and serve as a resource to their human resources departments. In some instances, the business pays for services for their clients.

What services are available for active employees, prospective and current retirees?

New to Medicare: We help employees, spouses, prospective or current retirees eligible for Medicare due to a disability, and individuals who are currently on or eligible for Medicare who may have questions about how to successfully enroll in Medicare, identify costs and benefits of coverage or retirement, and understand Medicare and employer benefits for better use.

Prescription Medication Assistance: We help insured individuals overcome insurance restrictions and address medication cost issues. We communicate with healthcare providers, help with Medicare Part D or employer prescription coverage, and advise on other matters to ensure better medication use.

Patient Advocacy: We offer the potential of reducing out-of-the-office time for employees caring for family members who are facing a healthcare crisis or need transition care services. We also offer help for employees to access resources and information to care for themselves or a loved one.

Insurance Consulting: As Licensed Insurance Consultants, we provide individualized, specialized help for employees to address insurance coverage questions, denied claim appeals, prescription coverage, coordination of benefits with Medicare and group health insurance, transitions to retirement, and understanding and utilizing long-term care coverage.

How would you work with my Human Resources Department?

After identifying areas of concern and opportunity, we develop a plan of action to reduce HR time spent in areas outside of their usual scope of expertise. We also serve as a resource of expertise and help to focus on the wave of prospective retirees or current employees turning 65.