How We Started

In 2002, SENIORx Patient Advocates founder Terry Bay left a corporate job to take care of her ill and aging parents. Her mother died of lung disease at age 66 and her father died at 75 after surviving 7 heart bypasses and a debilitating stroke. Bay was overwhelmed with the amount of help her parents needed to navigate the healthcare system, and advocated on their behalf when they were unable to speak up for themselves.

While she was caring for her parents, Bay began helping friends and family members with the inaugural year of Medicare Part D. In 2005, there were 52 plans to choose from, and everyone was overwhelmed with the choices, benefits and how things would work. After helping her father find a plan that saved him nearly $4,000 per year, she vowed to help others find the same benefits.

People offered to pay for services, but in a spirit of ministry and love, she declined. However, it quickly became clear that there was much more work than could be done in a just a few months as a volunteer.

Terry founded SENIORx Patient Advocates in 2006 as a way to respond to the growing need of seniors and their families. Since then, the advocacy group has grown into a staff of the state's finest specialists in patient advocacy. All staff members are required to become Wyoming Licensed Insurance Consultants.